Getting Started


Signing-up for a Genesis Public Cloud account is as simple as:

  • Registering for an account on our billing portal.
  • Selecting the ORDER menu
  • Selecting Genesis Public Cloud
  • Clicking the “Order Now” button and completing the purchase process.

You will be prompted for:

  • OpenStack Domain Name
    • This should be a top-level name for your projects (Virtual Private Clouds), such as your company name, such as “Genesis”. The name is NOT the same as a FQDN (Fully-Qualified Domain Name) used in a URL. Instead, it should be a basic name with letters and numbers. When users login, they must specify the domain name since all of your user accounts will be created within the domain. Domains are unique within our platform, so if one is already taken, will we require that you choose a different domain name.
  • Your SSH public key which we will add to your free jump host
    • To get you started quickly, but also to provide a number of scripts that simplify management of our platform, we will create a small machine for you to use. We highly suggest choosing this option and providing your SSH public key below so you can login. If you do not provide your SSH public key, we will still create the machine, but you will need to submit a ticket with your public key so we can update the authorized_keys file to allow you to login. NOTE - we inject a unique key specific to your account that we can use to update your jump host with security updates, additional scripts, or to help troubleshoot an issue with your environment.
    • This key will be inserted into the authorized_keys file of the jump host machine, securing access with strong authentication (compared to a username/password combination). It also provides you with passwordless authentication in case you want to script control of this machine and/or run scripts that operate your infrastructure.

Once you have placed your order, your order will go into a pending state while we verify the information you provided. Once confirmed, your order will be released and your Genesis Public Cloud account will be configured by our systems.

At this point, you will receive an email from our systems indicating that your account is being provisioned. The provisioning process typically takes 10 minutes as we build your jump host machine and validate access to the account. Once the provisioning process has completed, we will send another email indicating the account is ready to use.

Information about your account can be found on our portal after clicking the respective “Genesis Public Cloud OpenStack Domain” order.